Flattened Mild Steel Expanded Metal Mesh

Continuous mesh manufactured from a single steel sheet eliminates broken joints and strands unravelling.  Provides an economical and greener engineered alternative to perforated metals which produces a higher percentage of waste during manufacture.

Greater strength to weight ratio than solid sheet steel. Uncut knuckles of expanded mesh are stronger than welds or joints.

By passing the mesh through a set of heavy duty pressure rolls, the angled strands are flattened back to the original plane of the sheet. It is common that the material thickness is reduced slightly when flattened to ensure a level and even condition.

Flattened mesh allows for a more consistent open area and the finished product is easier to shear to close tolerances. Fixing and welding flattened mesh is made easier due to the more two dimensional section of the mesh.

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10-17 – Small Aperture Flattened Mild Steel Mesh


Expanded walkway Mesh is perfectly suited to many industrial applications and is designed to offer a large open area to maximise vision through the mesh, and the long bond which joins each mesh provides excellent strength and grip.

  • Stock size: 2440mm x 1220mm
  • Strand thickness: 4.50
  • Weight kg/m2: 17.29

Available in mild steel finish.