Insect Mesh

Insect mesh is used for ventilation in roofs and walls.  The fine mesh prevents vermin and insects from entering the airspace.

We also supply a range of ventilation mesh and filter mesh in aluminium and stainless steel, as well as ventilation profiles.

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Aluminium Insect Mesh


Aluminium Insect Mesh is made from woven Aluminium wire. It is 18 x 16 gauge, consisting of 18 threads in one direction and 16 in the other per square inch.

It keeps out all common flying insects and is ideal where a metal insect mesh has been specified.

Dimensions: 610mm x 10m roll

Stainless Steel Insect Mesh / Soffitt Vent Mesh


Stainless Steel Soffit Insect Mesh is recommended for use with cladding installations in order to exclude vermin from the building’s soffits.

  • Use over soffit vents to exclude birds and insects.
  • Readily adaptable to various eaves details.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle on site.

Dimensions: 75mm x 30m roll.