Profab 2000 Series Plastic Handi Access Panels

The Profab 2000 series plastic access panel provides a simple, economic, non-locking solution to ceilings and walls in a multitude of situations, whether they be new-build or retro-fitted after remedial work.

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Profab 2000 series – Non Fire Rated Plastic ‘Handi Access’ Panels for ceilings and walls

Simple Multi-Functional ‘Handi-Access’Panel for all ceiling and wall situations.

  • Simple and economical.
  • Moulded door pivot.
  • High impact plastic.
  • Can be decorated.
  • Rounded picture frame.
  • Removable door.
  • NFR only.
Additional Details
The 2000 series ‘Handi-Access’ can be used in a multitude of situations where access to valves, plumbing and switches etc, requires simple un-hindered access without the need for security. It is ideally suited to domestic/residential situations, either as a new-build or retro-fitted following remedial work.
The door and frame are manufactured separately from injection moulded high-impact white styrene plastic to a nominal material thickness of 3.5mm.

Finish is self-colour white, lightly textured for painting or wall papering on-site if required.

The door is easily removable from the frame requiring no tools. A simple pivot is moulded into the door rear. The door is kept closed by concealed, integral location lugs. No locking facility is available on this range. The door can easily be opened with a standard flat-head screwdriver.

Correct sized apertures can be roughly cut through the ceiling or wall membrane. Dust and debris should be cleared from the surfaces before the panel is bonded in position using a silicone adhesive. Due to the lightweight nature of the panel, most membranes will support the panel weight without any further support.

The panel is a snap-shut friction-t design that keeps the door closed in its frame. Simple opening using a at-head screwdriver inserted into the small notches along the door edge, then gently levering the door open.