Profab 9000 Series Sealed Clean Room Panels

The Profab 9000 series of hinged steel access panels provides access into sealed plasterboard or sandwich panel (demountable) wall and ceiling systems where access to mechanical and electrical services is required.

They are typically used in pharmaceutical and food production areas.

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Profab 9000 series – Performance Access Panel for Clean room ceilings and walls.

9000 series Sealed Clean Room Panels for ceilings or walls

  • Air Sealed &/or acoustically sealed options
  • Adjustable concealed hinges
  • Push catch, sealed lock or EMKA lock
  • Beaded, picture or wet plaster frame
  • Non Fire Rated or 1hr Fire Rated
  • Metal or plasterboard faced options
Additional Details
The Profab 9000 series clean room panel offers access into sealed partitions for access to mechanical and electrical services.

These panels are commonly used in pharmaceutical and food production areas.

The welded metal frame holds a metal door that is hinged via fully adjustable concealed hinges and is held closed either by a push catch (PC)* or a security sealed key lock (SL). The door then opens to the user. The door is removable if damage occurs during installation.

Panels are manufactured either as fully concealed so that after installation only a 2mm wide door line is visible (BF), or alternatively, manufactured for retrofitting where the 25mm picture frame surround is visible (PF). The PF type is also available with a modified frame for installation into 60mm sandwich panel demountable structure. A constant gap is maintained between the door and frame by the fully adjustable hinge and dome location system.

Panels are supplied powder coated semi-gloss while all over as standard, but can be supplied using plastic coated steel or stainless steel.  Anti Bacterial paint is also available as an optional extra.

*Not available in 1FR construction.
All standard Profab 9000 series panels are for intrenal use and only in areas of normal humidity. The panel is ideal for installation in ceiling and wall linings that are constructed to achieve minimum air leakage but where access is still required, i.e Clean Rooms, Hospitals and Food Production Areas.

9000/BF/PC or SL is suitable for vertical or horizontal use where the panel is being installed prior to any tape and jointing or skimming and plastering.

9000/PF/PC or SL is suitable for vertical or horizontal use where the panel is being installed after all finishing work has been completed. The panel is factory finished semi-gloss white so needs no further decoration.

Apertures formed in masonry and dry lined walls should be correctly formed in accordance with the wall/system manufacturer’s recommendations. The wall should adequately support the panel’s additional weight and operating forces exerted on it during installation and operation. Typical fixing details are shown on the data sheet.

Operated from the front face, the push catch (PC) requires no key and the security lock (SL) has an integral, visible chrome escutcheon to accept the key (included). Additional keys are available.