Protektor stair thread profiles

Protektor is playing in the First Division

In the Mercedes Benz Arena in Stuttgart it is not only the carefully tended turf that provides a safe footing, but also the stair tread profiles in the stands from Protektor. The stainless steel stair treads are definitely champion quality.

Thanks to the anti-slip moulding on the upper side they reduce the risk of slipping and of accidents occurring. Especially when there are large crowds present, as is the case in the Stuttgart Arena for first division matches and other events such as concerts, precautions like this are essential. The emergency routes and exits from the Arena are also made safer by the use of Protektor stair treads which help to enhance the appearance of the Arena. The quality certificate from the iff Institute confirms the anti-slip properties under DIN 51 130 and rates the treads in anti-slip class R10 with a V8 displacement area.

In addition to their safety features, the profiles protect the lip of the steps from wear and tear. Available in 100, 110, 120, 130, 150 and 500 cm lengths, the profile is suitable for a variety of sizes of stairs or steps, and can be used both indoors and out. Where stairs are damaged, a profile can be used to effect a repair. So all around the stadium the Protektor stair tread profile is looking good and keeping everyone safe as they move around.