50-73F expanded mesh HD1

Expanded mesh is a very adaptable product . In the images attached you can see 50-73F expanded mesh being used in signage for a retail outlet in a busy Dublin shopping centre. Expanded mesh is available in many sizes and can be galvanised or powder coated to suit many situations. please call us with your expanded mesh requirements.

Metal Mesh expanded security mesh

Building Profiles are the Irish distributors for Metal Mesh UK. Metal Mesh are the UK’s market leader in the manufacturing and distribution of Expanded meshes for use in construction , filtration and the automotive industry. We distribute security mesh for Banks , Post offices and cash rooms in retail stores. We also stock varoa screen mesh for bee hives and …

50-73F HD1 Security Mesh

50-73F HD1 expanded security mesh is a very versatile product that can be used in a variety of situations. In the attached image the contractor used the offcuts from a project in PTSB bank to make screens to secure his van windows. 50-73f expanded security mesh is available exstock from Building Profiles.