Thin Coat and Edging Beads

We supply a range of Thin Coat Stop Beads and Edging Beads in Galvanised Steel, Stainless Steel and PVC for internal and external plastering.

The Protektor range of Stop & Edge beads are designed to reinforce the edges of plasterboard.  The perforated face of the bead must be fixed flush to the face of the board prior to finishing.

The straight edge of the profile ensures an accurate finish line whilst protecting the plaster where it is most vulnerable, such as ceiling heads or window reveals.

Contact us to discuss your requirements, or to request further information about our range of Stop Beads and Edging beads.

SBG3 – SBG6 – Galvanised Thin Coat Stop Bead

Galvanised Thin Coat Stop Bead is used to provide a precise straight clean finish and also reinforce one-coat plaster on its edge. Can also be used for slight curves in plaster finish because of its slightly malleable condition.

Available in 2.4m, 2.7m or 3.0m lengths, and in 3mm, 6mm widths.

Boxed 50 lengths per carton.

2135 – 2136 – Stainless Steel Thin Coat Stop Bead

Thin Coat Stop Beads made from stainless steel for damp and wet areas indoors and for exterior renders

Available in 2.5m lengths, and in 3mm (2136) and 6mm (2135) widths.

Boxed 25 lengths per carton.

EBG – Galvanised Edging Bead

Galvanised Edge Beads are used for use when plastering internally.

Available in 3.0m lengths, and in 9.5mm, 12.5mm and 15mm widths.

Boxed 25 lengths per carton.

E15 / E25 – White Powdercoated Aluminium Edge Bead

Supplied in 3000mm lengths, extruded from architectural grade aluminium alloy to BS 1474. Pre-punched with diagonal fixing slots and holes in the plastering fin suitable for fixing by dry wall screws. The standard finish is white polyester powder coating to RAL 9010, 20% gloss.

Available in 3.0m lengths, boxed 10 lengths per carton.