Trim Tex Fast Edge in stock

March 26

Trim-Tex’s latest innovation, Fast Edge® Roll, was designed to tackle just about any angle, anywhere — sharp or obtuse, inside or outside. But, obviously, like any other rolled corner bead, 99% of drywall finishers are going to use it to complement their other accessories, like their 90-degree corner beads and paper tape, not replace all of them.

We would highly recommend choosing Fast Edge Roll over paper tape for any off-angle inside corner — drywall finishers especially love to use this bead on those long runs like the kinds you’d find on vaulted and cathedral ceilings. Why? Even an expert is going to have a very tough time forming straight lines with paper tape on off-angles.

Paper tape is an okay choice when an angle is sharp and all you need to do is conform to the hung drywall. But when the finish is what’s dictating the look of the angle, the way it does on an off-angle run, paper tape is too flimsy and too shapeless. And when the light hits these areas, even an untrained eye will be able to see when your lines aren’t straight. Just take a look at the photo below, where a pro finisher installed Fast Edge Roll side-by-side with paper tape on an off-angle; see how the finished paper tape wobbles and waves while the rolled bead stays level?